How to Open a Frozen Hockey Puck Lock | Mr. Locksmith™ Blog

How to Open a Frozen Hockey Puck Lock | Mr. Locksmith™ Blog.

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Hi, I am Terry Whin-Yates from Mr. Locksmith. Hockey Pucks locks are great for protecting your service truck or locksmith vehicle from Break and Enter attempts. However, in the winter the Hockey Pucks locks on your Locksmith Van or service truck ice up and the locks become frozen while driving in the snow or slush.


Frozen Hockey Puck Lock


Prevention is the number one so use WD-40 and spray the heck out of it. WD-40 is a penetrating oil, but it is  also water displacement fluid. If your Hockey Puck lock is iced up give it a few hits first with a rubber hamme then then take your lock deicer. Eighty percent or more isopropyl alcohol is the best. Take the lock deicer, get it right in the keyhole, spread it all over it, and that should work where our key will now be able to go in and open it up. Prevention’s the best bet. Give the lock and keyway lots of WD-40, and it works really well to prevent the lock from frezzing.

On my own Mr. Locksmith service truck I don’t mind using a butane lighter blowtorch. Just give the blowtorch a little twist, push and click and you get a nice hot flame. Just heat the hockey puck lock right up. Again, I wouldn’t do this on a customer’s. This is my own locksmith service truck. This will get the all unfrozen. And be careful, the lock can get really, really hot. The other way is to get a lighter, match, etc. to heat the lock or keyway. I have this little propane torch. Just heat your key up it doesn’t take long. Heat it up, and then you can start putting it into the lock.


WD-40 for Frozen Locks


Another method to unfreeze the lock if you have nothing just heat the key with your hand, hold it in your hand, get it all heated up. It takes a long time, but if you have nothing, just use your hand. So again, if you have absolutely nothing, heat it with your hand. Just hold it in your hand, heat it up.



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