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Knipex Cobra XS 4 inch Piler

This is the second most little tool I’ve ever bought. It’s a Knipex pliers, it was under $50. Look at the size of this, it’s tiny. It’s extremely strong from what I’ve seen. I bought these for my pick case. I’ll have some stuff showing my little tools that I use for broken keys and whatnot. This is just gonna come in handy for grabbing little bits and pieces. It’s overpriced, yeah, I wanted one and I’ll show you how I put it in my, in my pick case.

Knipex Pliers

Here is a comparison, these are new in my kit now in my everyday carry locksmith tools, and here’s the new tool. Apparently there’s one, that’s a five inch one. I don’t have that one yet. So I’m going to probably add that to my collection. This is my Knipex pliers that I have so far, and they’ve been updating my locksmith tools for these, and I’ll show you how this goes in my little pick case. First thing I grab when I go to do a lockout, most times.

The little pair of Knipex pliers are right in my case for every day, every single locksmith job, this is in my kit and that’s my little case for it. So I have a bigger pick case, but this is just first thing I grab, I got a lockout, go to the door. This is my first kit I grab. Hope you enjoyed the video, please subscribe, please hit the like button, and I hope you look forward to, I have some more interesting videos on locksmith tools coming up.

Knipex Cobra XS 4 inch Piler
Knipex Cobra XS 4 inch Piler