ReKey Your House Locks

ReKey Your House Locks

Moving to a new home, changing office facilities or just need to restrict the access to some areas. Whether it is for newly purchased home, office or new housing, stress and rush at the last minute combined with plenty of expenses are very frustrating. Along with the list of things that must be done, however, you could save some money with simple trick – ReKey your house locks.

Rekeying is changing a lock so that a different key may operate it. Rekeying is done with inserting different pins into the lock itself when a lock owner to reduce the unauthorized keys to the lock. The lock is be altered by Mr. Locksmith so that only new keys will work. Rekeying is the relatively simple process of changing the tumbler or wafer configuration of the lock so a new key will function while the old one will not. Rekeying is done without replacement of the entire lock. This is a far more economical solution when you’ve moved into a new home or apartment and are worried about security. 

As a rule, any locksmith hiding his craft. If you want to learn, they will look at you with suspicion and that’s it. Changing the locks together with keys is much more profitable, but does it really matter to do it. Mr. Locksmith advises you to be confident in rekeying. 

Loss of keys can be very unpleasant. Prevent this by giving them allocate a certain convenient location, most often near the front door. So if you accidentally lose any key you can easily reduce the damage and save money of changing the lock by simply rekeying the lock.You can always opt Mr. Locksmith to rekey your lock.

It’s amazing how easily we trust stranger and leave access to our homes in to other people’s hands, Have you thought how many people have ever had access and key to your house? Concerned about the number of keys that could be in the hands of other people, rekeying is an inexpensive solution and will give you the peace of mind you seek. Today people provide keys to many strangers: delivery staff, construction workers, maids, gardeners, babysitters or even polite neighbors.

Providing access for a certain period of time or under specific circumstances opens the possibility for someone they know, to access keys to your home. Rekeying is a simple solution to this problem.

New home

Mr. Locksmith’s rekeying service – rekey your entry and deadbolt locks like with the help of a pro, and at a fraction of the cost, using a rekeying service of Mr. Locksmith. Instead of changing your locks when a key is lost, rekey the door lock and save. Mr. Locksmith will make changes to the tumbler configuration, thus disabling old keys, and preparing new keys, which will fit the new lock configuration.

Rekeying your locks, guarantee you that you do not have to worry about replacing the expensive locking system at home. Wisely enjoying the same hardware our same day service will save you money and time.

If you have moved to the new home that has been built recently need to consider the security of your locks. Most likely the construction company has saved some costs by installing cheapest possible locks.

New office facilities

All of the above mentioned is valid when it comes to new office facilities or any kind of business premises you’ve bought or rented. Being honest, locks, locking mechanisms and security in general in business should be at higher level, since a business has much to lose if broken into by robbers or competitors.

Do you know how many old keys fit your house? Call Now and rekey your house locks.

Do you know how many old keys fit your house?
Call Now and rekey your house locks.


If you do not want to use keys install the Schlage Electronic Combination Deadbolt.

Schlage Electronic Combination Lock

Schlage Electronic Combination Lock

Highly rated New Schlage Touch screen deadbolt.

Highly rated New Schlage Touch screen deadbolt.