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We are a locally owned and operated establishment. We provide professional locksmithing& security services in North Vancouver and West Vancouver Mr. Locksmith offers round the clock locksmith services to North Vancouver Blueridge Residents. We are a family owned and operated business that has been running over 10 years; and we have a fleet trucks ready to assist you when you need us. You can talk to any of the locksmiths about your problem at any hour of the day or night.

Blueridge was developed in the 1960′s. Located on the flank of Mount Seymour, it offers gently climbing roads and a broad plateau near the top. The area is mostly (over 90%) composed of single family homes, some with views toward the south and southwest. Blueridge is a fairly unique, hidden away area. The only access into it is from the south, via its Berkeley Road and Emerson Way connections. The top (North) of Blueridge is connected (by foot) to Lynn Valley by the well-known Baden-Powell Trail, which cuts across the entire top of the North Shore from East to West. For people new to Blueridge, the system of neighbourhood trails that connect various cul-de-sacs and streets can be confusing. They are also great short-cuts and traffic-free ways to get around.

24 hour emergency locksmith services

Our emergency locksmiths are here 24 hours to solve your problem. Whether it is simply to get you into your house or car – or to repair or replace your locks – we’ll be there whether it is 3 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning!

We can help you with the following situations

  • Lost your home keys – We will unlock your door and cut new keys.
  • Locked yourself out – We will let you back in
  • Your home has been broken into – We will repair or replace your door and locks
  • Cannot open you safe – We can open it in no time
  • Lost you car keys
  • Locked keys in your car or trunk

Residential locksmith services

We offer a wide range of products and services to provide our customers with complete security and satisfaction guaranteed.

Commercial locksmith services

As well as working on big contracts to develop and install sophisticated and complex master key security systems for business, our commercial locksmiths often collaborate with construction companies devising and fitting systems in new builds. We can also offer similar services to companies in existing premises, installing doors and hardware and providing master key systems for them.